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Amnesia Haze strain

 Amnesia HazeThe Amnesia Haze is one of Black Tie’s top-selling strains. A cannabis concentrate inhaled through a hypodermic (sic), this high-THC sticky brew yields a party-ready product. “This is a hash with a high amount of CBD,” Samantha says. "I wouldn’t recommend eating it for the high, but it’s a great way to enjoy high-cannabidiol products.” Give this strain a go — they’ll hit high pretty quick if you’re used to Sour Mood. But if you’re brand new to cannabis, showing tolerance to high CBD strains (like Amnesia Haze) could prove dangerous. Since CBD can have a respiratory effect, opening your mouth when you inhale can also lead to not getting the full psychoactive high. If you’re okay with the euphoria of Sour Mood, this one has a relaxing effect. It’s also a great CBD option if you’re taking any medications that include CBD, such as prescription painkillers, antidepressants, or anti-nausea medications. Combine it with a bright lemon favorite (Tropical Mix or Kotton) for a s
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Ak 47 strain

Ak 47 strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain. ak 47 weed strain produces euphoric and energetic effects and it's excellent for treating depression, pain, and nausea.   CBD Content of AK 47 Marijuana Strain: CBD: 0.2% THC: 0.2% AK 47 has a distinct smooth light green color when grown outdoors. It has a similar flavor to kesar, but it has a cleaner aroma and taste with a little less pleasant. This is one of my favorite Sativa strains for increasing energy and stamina.  Try AK 47 sold as hemp, pot, hash, or flower, it comes in many different forms. I typically like to keep it as a flower and grind it into butter or turn it into CBD butter. Caution: AK 47 can be very energizing and it’s possible to become dizzy or nauseated if dares into less than.5 grams of flower, even for a short time. Benefits: This strain of Sativa is an exceptional alternative for someone looking to increase energy, reduce stress, boost creativity, and treat pain. It has cerebral and restorative effects.  I

Buy Purple Kush Online

Buy Purple Kush Online If you want to buy Purple Kush shop from our website with any. We give various kinds of stains that come get unbelievable effects and results. We offer you big sales just to make your purchasing comfortable. Buy this strain immediately to keep your brain relax and peaceful. You can buy all your favorite strains that make your smoking experience more amazing. What is Purple Kush? The Purple Kush is a real and genuine Indica strain. It basically belongs to the Oakland area of California. This is made by the combination of the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. Genetics :         Pure Indica Its fragrance is complex and earthy with sweet hints standard of Kush classes. This strain offers friendly, long-lasting well-being blankets to the mind while physical relaxation relieves the pain of the body, insomnia, and anxiety. This will improve wide preferably than high and will be ready for harvest within 56 days flowering time. Recreational users find Purple Kush